Tombstone RIP

Bunker Hill Lots

The Bunker Hill mining area lies about 1 and 1/2 miles southwest of Tombstone. It is 34.6 acres total with gorgeous 360 degree views at a 4,700 ft. elevation. Owner has done a 5 split on this property: three 4 acre lots, an 8 acre lot, and a 12 acre lot. All have electric on property. Each lot also has a numbered pole. If you print out the survey and stand next to a specific pole, you can see where you are on the property.

Directions to Lot 1: From the corner of 13th Street and Allen Street, reset your trip odometer to 0 miles and get on Old Bisbee Highway heading south. At .3 miles there is a stop sign; stay straight. At .5 miles the road forks; stay right and go on Emerald Canyon Road. At .9 miles the road forks; stay right on Emerald. At 1.4 miles the road forks again; stay right on Emerald (if you took a left on Miners Dream it would take you to Lot 3). Go uphill and at about 1.5 miles Lots 1 & 2 are on the right; they are well marked. Lots 4 & 5 are just a little farther at 1.58 miles; take a left uphill at the marker.

PDF of Bunker Hill Lots